Facts About Energy Drinks: How Good Are Energy Drinks?
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Facts About Energy Drinks: How Good Are Energy Drinks?

Facts about Energy Drinks: How Good are Energy Drinks? Energy Drinks Good or Bad. Energy drinks could be harmful.

When you’re bored or tired you reach for your favourite energy drink- energy drinks that are widely available in the market – to boost your energy quickly and significantly. But how good are energy drinks? Do energy drinks really work?

Energy drinks are made of different ingredients such as caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, certain herbs, and sugar to name a few. These ingredients or some of them certainly can boost your energy level or boost your energy for sure. If the energy drink is made with pure and natural sources then they can really be good for your health. But the problem is most of the popular energy drinks available in the market contain some ingredients that are harmful for health in the long run. These beverages can boost the energy levels instantly but if you use these for a longer time, you can have some side effects as well.

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Energy drinks are high in caffeine for increasing the brain activity. They also contain taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid. Another common ingredient in energy drink is sugar- as extra glucose can give you energy boost. They also contain carbs (fructose, sucrose, glucose) and salt. Carbs are important source of energy for our body and salt helps you to absorb fluid and replenish lost minerals better.

So what do the experts say? According to many health experts and researchers, these energy drinks are not as good as they seem. They contain high level of caffeine which is not good for the health. Besides, caffeine does not produce energy rather stimulates the central nervous system. Also, energy drinks when used in conjunction with alcoholic substances can cause health problems. According to a study conducted by Cardiovascular Research Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia, energy drinks can increase the chance of stroke and heart attack. They can also cause hyperthermia (abnormally high body temperature). Sugar quantities in energy drinks can cause stomach upset and because these drinks are carbonated, too much consumption can be bad for health.

It must be noted that are different from sports drinks. Sports drinks are much less in caffeine, taurine and carbs. It is said that energy drinks should not be used during exercise as these drinks do not meet the dehydration caused during exercise. Some of the energy drinks also contain artificial sweeteners and artificial vitamins. Artificial sweeteners are bad for health, they can cause weight gain and also can be the cause of other deadly health diseases. Experts are also unsure about the impact of carnitine and ginseng as have not been scientifically documented.

Whether energy drinks are good or bad, is always been a matter of debate. It’s true that energy drinks can boost tour energy levels but only for a short time. They don’t give you stringer or healthy from the inside. These drinks may cause you to get addicted to it which is a bad thing for your health. Heavy consumption of energy drinks for a longer time might be dangerous for health.

So, do you have an option? Yes, you have. If you have any doubts on energy drinks and very much unsure about benefits and side effects of these then simply don’t drink them. Instead, go for a well balanced diet, eat more green vegetables and fruits. Drink green tea and other herbal tea or drinks. These things will give you much needed energy and in a healthy way. Of course, do not forget to exercise regularly.







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