B12 Vs. Sugar-based Energy Drinks
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B12 Vs. Sugar-based Energy Drinks

It has long been the fascination of us humans how to remain awake longer.  At times we found such drugs as meth and other ‘dodgy’ drugs with the effects plus some…  so how do we find a quick energy boost without all the damages of hard drugs?

B12 seems to be what we are searching for.  The lower intestine absorbs Vit B12 and usually does not do a very good job… but what does that mean?  Well we simply need to raise the dosage in order to absorb an effective dose.

5 hour energy unlike the other 'energy' drinks is not sugar based energy... it is Vitamin B12 (mostly).  The idea being that the drink is nearly as good as a intramuscular B12 injection... something medical doctors do on a regular basis to stay up for 40+ hours.

If your body absorbs B12, you will gain energy, not fake empty energy but alert active, brain friendly energy.  The trick is that those 5 hour energies give you about 5000% of your daily value, this gives your body the ability to absorb an effective dose even as it normally can only absorb small amounts.  The product is an over the counter, non-intravenous way to get free energy.

From experience I can say I've used them, they are amazing.  In my experience, unlike the sugar drinks you can sleep on 5 hour energy.  Mind alertness becomes easier, but if you don't attempt to be alert you can fall asleep.  I’ve first hand experience during exam time where I drank one, felt the energy boost nearly instantly.  Within 20 minutes my mind cleared of its tired fuzz like cloud.  Hours later while still very alert I finished my work and slept for a few hours.

This is a stark contrary to the sugar drinks.  Where once the work is done and you need sleep, it is no where to be found.  Caffeine is addictive and long lasting, causing jitters and disrupted non focused thought.

In the end I must suggest anyone in need of an energy drink try 5 hour energy and other B12 drinks.  They affect everyone different but they are not empty calories doomed to drop you into a hazy come down.  But, I must restate, this is very subjective… I also know people who have drank 5 hour energy and not been affected in the least, it must be just like caffein.

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Comments (7)

Interesting, I will have to try one of these. I remember back in the late 1980s, there were these little packets that had B12 in them. A red gel and you put the gel under the tongue for energy. And it worked.

I've looked at these things 1000 times. Now I plan to try it and report back. I thought it was taurine and caffeine, etc... I had no idea about it containing 5,000% B-12. B-12 is water soluble. Where overdosing on certain vitamins can be dangerous, I would not worry when it comes to the B complex vitamins. Excellent job on this factoid...Short, sweet, informative!

Yes! I must say that I, too, have had the great fortune of "discovering" this wonder-drink, but I certainly appreciate your clarity on what it does and why so I can fully understand the comprehensive "why" now.

I said that I would report back after trying this... WOW! one more time...WOW! No bug-eyed jittery buzz, no crash, and I slept like a baby 5-6 hours after taking it. I usually can't even sleep 6 hours after a cup of coffee. Wifey didn't feel any uplifting effect, but she is a child of psychedelic hippies, so it takes a horses dose of something before she feels it. Speaking of Wifey, the most significant effect I noticed was a much longer than usual time after she gave me the "green light." I'm not bragging, but there were people on each side of the bed, leaning over the tape to hand me cups of water! Last time...WOW. Thanks for the info Jerrod!

A very interesting article on B12

Very interesting!

Since graduation my consumption of all energy drinks has nearly stopped entirely. I try and avoid caffeine like the devil. The more I research it, addiction to it, and the scatter brained way of thinking while on it. B12 looks better and better. I added a B12 vitamin to my daily doses and have slightly higher energy on any given day. Don't get me wrong though, I still keep 5 hours around. I drank one before taking my GRE, I carried them on the Appalachian Trail. Both instances worked perfectly. One to keep my mind flowing, another to keep me moving against adversity.